How and where do I pickup / return my Scan2Lead devices?

How and where do I pickup / return my Scan2Lead devices?

You've ordered Scan2Lead COLLECT, Scan2Lead STATION, a rental tablet or rental notebook?

1. Pick up

You can collect the devices at our Service-Counter at the exhibition venue. You will find the location and opening hours of our Service-Counter in your Scan2lead PORTAL as well as in the information email sent upfront. 

Note: We recommend to already pick up the devices one day before the exhibition starts in order to avoid pickup queues on the first day of the exhibition.

2. Return

Please return the devices on the last day of the show until 1/2 hour after the end to our Service-Counter at the exhibition venue.

If you're too late to return the devices please send them well packaged and protected with a parcel delivery service at your costs to the following address:

adventics GmbH

M√ľnchener Str. 23a

85540 Haar bei M√ľnchen


Note: The devices need to arrive latest 5 work days after the end of the show. All non-returned or damaged devices will be invoiced at replacement value!

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