What is new in the Scan2Lead PORTAL

What is new in the Scan2Lead PORTAL

Welcome to the modernized and updated Scan2Lead PORTAL.

What is new before you log in
  1. New tile layout when starting the Scan2Lead PORTAL. The most important functions required to start are listed.
  2. Username and password for the Scan2Lead PORTAL are the same, as used for activating the Scan2Lead SMART app - your email address. No additional username is required.

What is new after you logged in
  1. New tile layout in the Scan2Lead PORTAL
  2. Events you have a license for are listed in the upper left corner
  3. Working with the list of events, allows you to manage multiple events in one Scan2Lead PORTAL
  4. Manage Event(s) makes it possible to set one event as active, to be able to manage it
  5. Add new events by entering the portal key that you receive with your order
  6. Leadforms can be copied from a past event for a future event by doing an Import / Export

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