What is the Scan2Lead PORTAL?

What is the Scan2Lead PORTAL?

The Scan2Lead PORTAL is the central administrative site for managing, exporting and evaluating your visitor data. All captured visitor data from the Scan2Lead products (Scan2Lead SMART app, Scan2Lead COLLECT and Scan2Lead STATION) is synchronized to the central online Scan2Lead PORTAL accessible by using any standard browser.

The Scan2Lead PORTAL is automatically included in all Scan2Lead products. You can login using the same email address used to register at the Scan2Lead SMART app.

In order to become Scan2Lead PORTAL administrator you need a portal key, which you will receive by e-mail after you placed your order.

Hint: When activating a testlicense, your registered user will always be Scan2Lead PORTAL administrator.

Scan2Lead PORTAL

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