What is new in the Scan2Lead SMART app

What is new in the Scan2Lead SMART app

Welcome to the modernized and updated Scan2Lead SMART app.

What is new before you log in?
  1. You can download, install and register yourself to use the Scan2Lead SMART app and activate a trial license
  2. Use your email address to register for the Scan2Lead SMART app - that will also allow you to login at the Scan2Lead PORTAL to manage your data
What is new after you logged in?
  1. You can activate a trial license, allowing you to scan 20 business cards, unlimited barcodes (test badges are available in the Scan2Lead PORTAL) and  create manual entries
  2. The trial license will not expire until the end of the year
  3. You can add licenses for any other event you buy licenses for
  4. You can forward a license
  5. You can forward a captured contact to someone assigned to the same account
  6. You will see the data quality of a captured visitor
Scan2Lead SMART

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