System requirements Scan2Lead COLLECT

System requirements Scan2Lead COLLECT

There are no system requirements for Scan2Lead COLLECT.

You will pick up the ready configured, loaded and prepared device from our Scan2Lead Service-Desk. The captured (scanned) data will be uploaded in our Scan2Lead Service-Desk, the data is available in your Scan2Lead PORTAL.

Hint: Please be aware, that you need a computer with internet connection to access the Scan2Lead PORTAL.

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      Requirements Android: Android version 10 or above Camera with auto focus support the 802.11 (5 GHz) standard if using in Wi-Fi Requirements iOS: minimum iOS version 13.0 iPhone 8 or newer, iPad 2018 or newer Note: In order to display the visitor ...
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      When using the lead form for Scan2Lead COLLECT there is space for 4 columns and 8 barcodes per column, so 32 tags in total on one A4 page. Note: each question means a header, reducing the barcodes per column.