Start your Trial with Scan2Lead SMART app

Start your Trial with Scan2Lead SMART app

Once your registration is completed you can request a trial license for free in order to test and work with the Scan2Lead SMART app. All functions included in the application are available for use however for the trial you do have a limited amount of scans.

Following the steps to activate the trial license in your Scan2Lead SMART app.

  1. Start Scan2Lead SMART app and login with your username and password.
  2. Once logged in you can either enter your license (Option 1) or request a new trial license at the bottom of your screen (Option 2)

Option 1 - 'Add new license' is recommanded if you have already received a license key. Simply tap on 'Add new license' and enter your license key. After entering your key the application will be ready.

Option 2 - 'Request Trial license' is located at the bottom part of the application and is needed if you do not own a license yet. You can request a free trial key to test the application. The Scan2Lead SMART app will provide all available option however only with a limited amount of scans.

Once you tap on 'Trial license' you will receive a key and your app will be activated for testing automatically.

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