Scan2Lead COLLECT Upload Guide

Scan2Lead COLLECT Upload Guide

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    • Quick Guide Scan2Lead COLLECT

      Scan2Lead COLLECT Quick Start Pick up your device at the Scan2Lead service desk.   To manage and export the captured visitor data, login at the  Scan2Lead PORTAL
    • Can I use the Lead Form with Scan2Lead COLLECT?

      When you are capturing visitor data, using Scan2Lead COLLECT you are able to add Lead Form information by scanning barcodes from a printed Lead Form right after scanning the visitor badge. In the Scan2Lead PORTAL:    go to Menu 'Configuration' - ...
    • How many questions / answers can I place on the lead form for Scan2Lead COLLECT

      When using the lead form for Scan2Lead COLLECT there is space for 4 columns and 8 barcodes per column, so 32 tags in total on one A4 page. Note: each question means a header, reducing the barcodes per column.
    • How do I upload my company logo?

      The logo which will be shown at the bottom of your Scan2Lead InfoPoint App can be uploaded to the Scan2Lead PORTAL by your organizations' portal-admin. The needed upload-tool can be found in the menu under 'Configuration' -> 'InfoPoint Settings'. ...
    • How do I modify the Lead Form?

      Using the Scan2Lead PORTAL you will find Menu 'Configuration' - 'Lead Form' to verify the existing Lead Form. A standard Lead Form as listed below, is the starting point for your modifiations.  Note: Modifiying Questions and Answers influences ...