I forgot my password or username for Scan2Lead PORTAL

I forgot my password or username for Scan2Lead PORTAL

In order to reset your password please click on 'Forgot Password' which you can find when you try to Login.
  1. To reset your password, enter your E-Mail and click on 'Reset'
  2. An automatically generated E-Mail with a link will be sent to you
  3. Please open the link and enter your new password
  4. Once done your password will be changed accordingly

Note: If you do not receive the e-mail to reset your password, please check your spam folder

What if you did forget your username?

Due to security reasons, you are not able to request or reset your username via Scan2Lead PORTAL. In this case please be so kind and contact our Scan2Lead Support

Please provide following information with your request
  1. Company Name
  2. E-mail address of contact person
  3. Name of contact person
  4. Event / Exhibition
  5. Hall and Booth

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