How do I use Scan2Lead STATION?

How do I use Scan2Lead STATION?

Scan Visitor Data

  1. After starting the Scan2Lead STATION link in your browser and scanning the QR-Barcode from the screen, you will be automatically signed in. Your Scan2Lead STATION is ready to use.
  2. The main screen displays the 'Exhibition | the company | contact person' at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Point the scanner to the barcode on the visitor badge and press the scan key on the handheld scanner. As soon as the barcode is captured, the visitor data will be displayed on the screen.
Note: there is no need for a save button, as the data is saved as soon as it appears on the screen. Any changes e.g. if you add a phone number, are automatically stored as well. The user interface of the Scan2Lead STATION is available in english language only.

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      Using the Scan2Lead STATION allows you to add the required lead form data to the visitor data directly at the screen. Click on the visitor from the list you want to edit choose the Lead Form tab (on the right) As soon as an answer is selected, or ...
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      Choose the visitor you'd like to edit from the list Choose the tab (on the right) you want to make changes to - Person, Address, Lead Form, Notes and add the changes. Your changes will be saved automatically. The 'Notes' tab allows to store free text ...
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      You do not have an export functionality at the Scan2Lead STATION, as all solutions for capturing visitor data synchronize the captured data to the central online portal Scan2lead PORTAL The Scan2Lead PORTAL is the central administrative site for ...
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