How do I redeem my Event Day Credits (EDC)?

How do I redeem my Event Day Credits (EDC)?

Since the latest update, exhibitors can redeem their Event Day Credits (EDC) via Scan2Lead PORTAL.

Info: Once purchased, EDCs are saved under the 'Company Name'. An 'Owner' (=registered person) can manage and redeem the credits.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Scan2Lead PORTAL and login or register
  2. Choose 'Manage Events' on the Homescreen

  1. Select the event or exhibition

  1. Click on 'Redeem EDCs'  or go to 'Configuration' > 'Manage licenses'

  1. Click on '+Add license'

  1. Select the days you want to attend
    1. '+Add more' licenses if needed

  1. Click on 'Redeem'

License Keys will be generated once you click on 'Redeem'. Those License Keys can be used or sent to another user. Not activated licenses can be 'canceled' and the EDC will be granted back.

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