How do I fill and configure my Question & Answer Catalog?

How do I fill and configure my Question & Answer Catalog?

Attention: Please do not forget to save your work! Press the blue 'Save' Button once you are done uploading your documents.

First, on the same page where you can prepare your company logo via Scan2Lead PORTAL -> Configuration -> InfoPoint Settings you can select the languages for the documents you want to upload in the next steps.

Now move to Configuration ->  InfoPoint Catalog where you can prepare your questions & answers as well as upload your documents (product information, catalogs, etc..)

  1. Click on the '+Question' Button to choose from: 'Single-Choice Question' - 'Multi-Choice Question' - 'Documents'
    1. Single-Choice Question: Creates a question where only one answer can be chosen
    2. Multi-Choice Question: Creates a question where multiple answers can be chosen
    3. Documents: Here you can prepare and upload your product information as PDF-file in different languages

To create a new question simply select Single or Multi-Choice, enter your question and confirm. Now you can add your answers from which your visitors can choose from.

Hint: You can easiliy arrange/sort your question by 'drag & drop' them to the desired position.

To upload documents select '+Question' -> Documents and enter a name. You can create several document-groups according to your product portfolio. Now click on '+Answer' to add new documents to the new created field. Use the 'Upload' button to select your PDF-file. Here you will find the possible languages, selected in step 1 (German, English, Italien, French) - meaning, you select the proper language according to the document you want to upload.

Once the file is selected and uploaded click on 'Save' which will close the small window. After this step you can continue creating more questions and/or uploading more documents.

Important: Please do not forget to save your work. Press the blue 'Save' Button at the top right once you are done uploading your documents.

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