How do I add a new Event/Exhibition?

How do I add a new Event/Exhibition?

With the latest feature, exhibitors can choose and add events or exhibitions via Scan2Lead PORTAL.

Follow these steps to add a new event:

  1. Log in or register at Scan2Lead PORTAL
  2. Go to 'Manage Events'

  1. Click on '+Add Event'

  1. Join an Event (365)
    1. Choose an existing event
    2. or enter the event name you want to attend

Choose an existing event                                       Request a new event
  1. Fill out the form and confirm

  1. You can attend immediately if an existing event has been selected

  2. If a non-existing event has been entered, Scan2Lead Support team will create and prepare the event for you so it can be selected from the list once ready

  3. You will be infored by email once the event/exhibition has been added to the list.

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