How can I export my visitor data?

How can I export my visitor data?

To download your visitor data
  1. login with your credentials at the Scan2Lead PORTAL
  2. select menu Visitor Data and select Visitor Data
  3. Click the Button Export to Excel to download the list of displayed visitors

Once the download has finished you will find the file in your local download folder.

Note: The export includes all listed visitor data. In case a filter is applied, the filtered data will be exported!

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    • How does the visitor data export file look like?

      When exporting visitor data from the Scan2Lead PORTAL an excel file named Company Name - VisitorData_YYYY.MM.DD_HH.MM.SS.xlsx is downloaded to the local download folder of your PC. Note: The export includes all listed visitor data. In case a filter ...
    • Will you send us the captured visitor data via e-mail?

      Scan2Lead PORTAL is the central administrative site for managing, exporting and evaluating your visitor data. All captured visitor data is synchronized to the central online Scan2Lead PORTAL accessible by using any standard browser.
    • How can I export visitor data from the Scan2Lead STATION?

      You do not have an export functionality at the Scan2Lead STATION, as all solutions for capturing visitor data synchronize the captured data to the central online portal Scan2lead PORTAL The Scan2Lead PORTAL is the central administrative site for ...
    • How can I filter visitor data?

      In order to use the filter functions please visit Scan2Lead PORTAL and select 'Visitor Data' - 'Visitor Data' to find the filter symbols underneath the menu bar. You have 6 different filters to use:  Quality of visitor data received    Lead Form - ...
    • What is the visitor survey?

      If visitor survey data, answered by the visitor during the registration process, is made available by the organizer, the information is listed when editing a visitor in the Scan2Lead PORTAL. As soon as you export the visitor data, these columns are ...