How can I contact the Scan2Lead Support?

How can I contact the Scan2Lead Support?

Telephone and Email support
Our Scan2Lead support team is at your side from Monday to Friday from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM by phone +49 89 4444 33 112. If you want to turn in a support request via Email please send it to or Submit a Ticket. Support requests sent by email or ticket will be checked on weekends and public holidays, we will handle them according to their priority level.

On-site support 
During fair times, you can find us at our service desk on site, detailed information about location and opening times, can be found after Log On to the Scan2Lead PORTAL or call us at +49 89 4444 33 112.

Help Centre 
The integrated Scan2Lead Help Centre offers various articles and topics answering your questions.

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    • Do the visitors declare their consent for data handling, so we can contact them?

      You as an exhibitor receive the data of the visitors which visitor badges you scanned in conformity with the data protection law. When the visitor registers for his access ticket to the fair, he gives his consent that the data can be forwarded to the ...
    • How do I modify the Lead Form?

      Using the Scan2Lead PORTAL you will find 'Configuration' - 'Lead Form' to verify the existing lead form. A standard lead form as listed below, is the starting point for your modifications. Note: Modifying questions and answers influences already ...
    • How do I use Scan2Lead STATION?

      Scan Visitor Data After starting the Scan2Lead STATION link in your browser and scanning the QR-Barcode from the screen, you will be automatically signed in. Your Scan2Lead STATION is ready to use. The main screen displays the ...
    • Can I copy a lead form used at a previous exhibition?

      In order to copy an existing lead form within the same Scan2Lead PORTAL (same email address) login with your credentials at the Scan2Lead PORTAL select menu Configuration and click Lead form click the Import / Export Button on the left side select ...
    • Is it possible to integrate Scan2Lead with our own lead-system?

      If you are using your own lead-system to capture visitor data by scanning barcodes from the visitor badges, Scan2Lead offers a RESTful API for integration. A RESTful API (Application Programming Interface) is a programing interface, using ...