What is a Visitor Dossier?

What is a Visitor Dossier?

What is a Visitor Dossier?

A Visitor Dossier is the combination of visitor data, attached business card or pictures and notes displayed in a PDF-file.

You can create a visitor dossier for each captured visitor.

  • Go to Scan2Lead PORTAL - menu Visitor data - Visitor data and select the visitor you want to create the visitor dossier for

  •  Click the 'Download Visitor Dossier' Button
The visitor dossier will be created and downloaded to the local download folder

Hint: Depending on your webbroswer settings, the file will be downloaded in a given download directory or you are asked where to download the file.

Can I download all Visitor Dossier in one file?

Clicking the 'Create zip archive'  button in menu 'Visitor data - Visitor' data starts a background routine to add Visitor Dossiers to an archive file for all listed visitors. The created zip archive file can be downloaded in menu 'Visitor Data - Download Zip-Archive'

Step 1: Create Zip Archive
  1. Select Menu 'Visitor Data' - 'Visitor Data'
  2. In order to add dedicated visitors to the zip archive, make use of the filter
  3. Click on the button 'Create Zip Archive'
  4. Select the content to be included in the zip archive
    1. Visitor Dossier (PDF) - only PDF files will be included
    2. V-Cards (VCF) - only VCF (file format standard for electronic bussines cards) files will be included
    3. Both - PDF and VCF files will be included in the zip archive
  5. If the captured pictures e.g. business cards should be included, select 'Include attached images'
  6. By selecting the Group option, you can group the files by Country, Day or Device
Hint: In order to identify the created zip archive give a proper filename and description.

Step 2: Download Zip Archive
  1. Select Menu 'Visitor Data' - 'Download Zip Archive'
  2. Click on the download button to get the zip archive downloaded to you local download folder.
Hint: While the Zip Archive is created, you will see state Created. The file cannot be downloaded until the state is changed to Finished!

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