Connect Scan2Lead with Zapier

Connect Scan2Lead with Zapier

Zapier is a platform to integrate Scan2Lead with up to 5.000 apps and systems. It enables you to easily create a workflow (Zap) to receive your leads from Scan2Lead in close real-time and forward it to your system.      
Its possible to simply fill a mailing list or make complex inserts/updates in your CRM system.

The Scan2Lead Connector for Zapier will send each visitor record to Zapier and triggers the ZAP you configured. This will happen each time you Create (Scan a Badge/Ticket or Business Card), Update or Delete a visitor record.

To use Zapier with Scan2Lead you need a Scan2Lead Connector - License and a Zapier account. 
  1. Connector License
    We offer trial licenses to test the connection with your system. To get a license please contact our sales team via email: or call them at +49 89 444433 111. 
  2. Zapier Account
    To signup for a Zapier account go to this pages:
    To test the Connection with Zapier use a 'Free Account'. For professional use we recommend to subscribe a Professional plan. 
    Zapier fees are not covered by the Scan2Lead Connector License.

After you have done this login to the Scan2Lead Portal at:

  1. Get your API-Key
    Open the Connector page in the Scan2Lead Portal at: Select ‘Zapier’ in to left dropdown and click on ‘Add Connector’. 

  2. Copy the displayed API-Key for later use

  3. Login to Zapier and select ‘Create Zap’.
    Open the login page at Zapier: The main pages opens, click in the orange '+ Create Zap' button in the left menu.

    The editor for your new Zap will open.

  4. Add a Scan2Lead Action as the Zap Trigger
    Search for Scan2Lead in the Trigger window and select Scan2Lead from the search result.

  5. Choose ‘Visitor Scanned’ Trigger
    The Trigger window will switch to Edit mode. You have to select an event. Click on 'Choose an event' and then select 'Visitor Scanned'. Click on the blue 'Continue' Button which appears.

  6. Create/Choose an Account
    Now you have to connect the new Zap to Scan2Lead.
    1. Click on 'Choose Account'. If you have already connected one or more Scan2Lead Accounts they will be displayed.
    2. To connect a new Scan2Lead Account click on '+ Connect a new account'. A new browser window will open.
    3. Copy the API-Key from 2. into the text field and click on 'Yes, Continue'.
    4. After the API-Key is successfully verified this browser window will be closed and you are back in the Edit Trigger page.

  7. Select the Account and Test trigger
    Your new Account will be displayed and is selected. Click on 'Continue'.  

  8. Test Trigger
    Click on the 'Test Trigger' button. Zapier will test the connection to Scan2Lead and load some sample data which will help you assigning fields in the Action part of your ZAP.

  9. Review Test Data
    After loading test records from Scan2Lead they will be displayed. You can scroll down to see all available fields Scan2Lead sends to Zapier.

  10. Finish the Scan2Lead part in your ZAP
    By clicking on 'Continue' the connection with Scan2Lead is configured.

  11. Create an Action
    After finishing the Scan2Lead part you have the configure the Action you want to execute when you ZAP receives a record von Scan2Lead. This where you have to configure the target system where you want to send the Scan2Lead data to.
    We will give you a short example on how to send the records you received from Scan2Lead to a mailing list in Mailchimp.

  12. Select Mailchimp
    After finished the Scan2Lead connection the first Action editor will open. Search for MailChimp and select it.

  13. Select a Mailchimp Event
    From the list of Events select 'Add/Update Subscriber' and click 'Continue'

  14. Connect to Mailchimp
    As you connected Scan2Lead with Zapier you have to connect Zapier with Mailchimp.
    1. Click on 'Choose an account', if you have already a connection to Mailchimp this can be selected here.
    2. Or click on '+ Connect a new account'.
    3. A new browser window will open where you have to enter your Mailchimp username and password an authorize Zapier to connect to Mailchimp.

  15. Setup the Action in detail
    After you clicked on Continue the 'Set up action' will open.
    1. In Mailchimp you have to select a Audience which is a kind of mailing list where you want to import the Scan2Lead record. 
    2. After that you have to map the Scan2Lead fields to each Mailchimp field.
    3. Just click on the field and a 'Insert Data ... ' menu will open.
    4. The search field below lets you search for all available fields from Scan2Lead, e.g. type 'email' to filter for email addresses: 

  16. Assign fields
    Repeat this for each field you want to have filled with data from Scan2Lead:

  17. Finish and Test
    After you finished assigning the fields scroll down to the bottom of this form and click on 'Test + Continue'. Zapier will test the connection to Mailchimp and sends some sample data.

  18. Publish ZAP
    After the connection to Mailchimp has been tested successfully you can publish the ZAP.
    1. Click on 'Publish Zap'. A new window will pop up and ask you to 'Publish' the Zap an turn it on.
    2. By clicking on this button the Zap is turned on. After you turned you Zap 'ON' it will also show in the Scan2Lead PORTAL:

  19. Test the Connection/Zap
    Best way to test the Connection to Scan2Lead an you Zap is to scan a visitors badge or a business card in the Scan2Lead SMART app.
    After you scanned a visitors badge it should trigger you Zap by sending visitors data to it. 

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