Can I use the Lead Form with Scan2Lead COLLECT?

Can I use the Lead Form with Scan2Lead COLLECT?

When you are capturing visitor data, using Scan2Lead COLLECT you are able to add Lead Form information by scanning barcodes from a printed Lead Form right after scanning the visitor badge.

In the Scan2Lead PORTAL:   
  1. go to Menu 'Configuration' - 'Lead Form'
  2. click Button Generate PDF
  3. a PDF file will be generated and downloaded to your local download directory from where it can be printed

Note: The Generate PDF button is available if your order for Scan2Lead products contains at least one Scan2Lead COLLECT.

The printed Lead Form contains information you can add to the customer data by scanning the appropriate barcodes (as many as you want) after having scanned the visitor badge.

For complicated lead forms, this document can get up to tens of pages, making scanning the right barcodes challenging.

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