How can I get an additional Scan2Lead SMART license?

If you already have Scan2Lead SMART licenses and you need additional ones, it depends if it is before or during the exhibition.

Before the exhibition:

  • Please refer to the exhibitor shop or order and process the additional order like the already exisiting one
  • If the exhibitor shop is closes, please refer to During the exhibition

During the exhibition

  • Contact our support team onsite, they have order forms available.
    Their onsite availability and location is displayed at the main screen of the Scan2Lead PORTAL
  • Write an email to with following information

    Fair (Event)
    Exhibiting Company, Hall and Booth
    number of additional Scan2Lead SMART licenses to order

Hint: The required licenses will be available as soon as we process your order!

How can I check my available/used Scan2Lead SMART app licenses?

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