How can I manually insert a new visitor in the Scan2Lead SMART app?

With the Scan2Lead SMART app, you are able to create new contacts by manually adding visitor data.

  • Push the SCAN button on the main screen
  • Change to ADD MANUALLY mode by swiping to the left
  • Tap on the + button to add the visitor data manually


  • An empty visitor record is displayed
  • Tap on the emtpy fields e.g. Name to open the insert field
  • Insert the contact data and tap Details to get back to the visitor record

Hint: The contact details are stored as soon as you add the information. No save button is required!

add_manually2.PNG add_manually3.PNG

Hint: Manually added data records will show value true in column manually added when exporting the visitor data in an excel file.

How can I export visitor data from the Scan2Lead PORTAL?

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