Which data is stored in the Visitor Dossier Zip Archive file?

  • The maximum size of a zip archive file is limited to 250 visitor dossiers per file. The Zip files will be numbered accordingly,
  • Within the Zip archive a directory is created for each Visitor Dossier. The name for the directories are created based on Companyname_lastname_firstname_scannID e.g. Testfirma_Münter_Thomas_2969575. 
  • Each directory of a Visitor Dossier will contain, depending on your selections when creating the zip archive, a PDF file, the visitor data as vCard (VCF) and if available a picture of the business card. Further attached images are stored in a subdirectory Attachments. 

Hint: while the zip archive is created, you will see the state Created. To download the file, you will have to wait until the state is Finished!

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