Which data is stored in the Visitor Dossier Zip Archive file?

  • The maximum size of a Zip Archive file is limited to 10 Mbyte. If the Zip Archive file is greater than 25 MByte, further Zip files will be created automatically. The Zip files will be numbered accordingly,
  • Within the Zip archive a directory is created for each Visitor Dossier. The name for the directories are created based on Companyname_lastname_firstname_scannID e.g. Testfirma_Münter_Thomas_2969575. 
  • Each directory of a Visitor Dossier will contain, depending on your selections when creating the zip archive, a PDF file, the visitor data as vCard (VCF) and if available a picture of the business card. Further attached images are stored in a subdirectory Attachments. 
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