How do I modify the Lead Form?

Using the Scan2Lead PORTAL you will find Menu 'Configuration' - 'Lead Form' to verify the existing Lead Form. A standard Lead Form as listed bellow, is the starting point for your modifiations. 

Note: Modifiying Questions and Answers influences already captured data! The modifications should be done before the start of the fair! You cannot rollback your changes.


edit.PNG Edit a Tag in order to change its name

delete.PNG Delete a Tag in order to remove it

 Create New Question of Type Single or Multiple answers

answer.PNG Create New Answer with No, optional or mandatory Note

pdf.PNG Generate PDF for printout when using Scan2Lead COLLECT (is active only when Scan2Lead COLLECT was ordered!)

Hint: Consider, that when creating new Questions and Answers the text in the Caption field must have a minimum length of 5 and a maximum length of 25 characters. The maximum length for the field Description is 25 characters.

Hint: To update the changes in the Scan2Lead SMART app, you have to go to 'Settings' on the start screen and tap 'Reload Account Info'. To update on the Scan2Lead STATION, 'Sign out' and 'Register' again. 

Why is the 'Generate PDF' button disabled?

Hint: handwritten notes cannot be added, notes have to be added using the keyboard functionality.

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