Can I download all Visitor Dossiers in one file?

Visitor Dossiers are created for captured visitor data with attached business cards or images. 

The Create Zip Archive function starts a background routine to store all selected Visitor Dossiers to an archive file that can be downloaded in the Archive, Lists and Statistics menu.

Step 1: Create Zip Archive

  • Select Menu 'Visitor data' - 'Visitor Dossiers
  • Click on the button 'Create Zip Archive'

Hint: In order to find your Zip Archive in a longer list, it make sense to give a proper filename and description. 

Step 2: Download Zip Archive

  • Select Menu 'Visitor data' - 'Archive, Lists and Statistics
  • Click on the download button download.PNG to download the Zip Archive to your local download folder

Which data is stored in the Visitor Dossier Zip Archive file?

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