Can I move an active Scan2Lead SMART license to another device?

If you have an activated Scan2Lead SMART license working on your mobile device or tablet, you can deactivate the license in order to activate it on another device.

  • Go to 'Settings' in the Scan2Lead SMART app
  • Scroll down to 'Deactivate app'
  • Confirm 'Deactivate app'
  • The license information is displayed and can be forwarded by 'Send E-Mail' or copied into the clipboard
  • You will be logged off from the Scan2Lead SMART app


To use the Scan2Lead SMART app on the other device, use the credentials to login. 

Hint: If your mobile device is offline (no connection to Wi-Fi or telephone provider) you are not able to deactivate your Scan2Lead SMART license! 

How can I check my available/used Scan2Lead SMART app licenses?

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