How can I scan a business card in the Scan2Lead SMART app?

With the Scan2Lead SMART app, you are able to create a new contact by scanning a business card. Or you can add a business card to an existing contact.

The integrated OCR-Service (Optical Character Recognition) will process the business card and add the identified information to the visitor data. 

  • Push the SCAN button on the main screen
  • Change to BUSINESS CARD mode by swiping to the left


  • The BUSINESS CARD mode is activated and the screen switches to landscape mode
  • Focus the business card inside the four corners. Try to focus the card as good as possible, the better the card is focused, the better the recognition result.
  • Touch the Red button to capture the business card


  • Before the picture is processed a Preview is displayed
  • To start the process, touch Save (Sichern) in the right lower corner


  • The system processes the business card as fast as possible, the recognized data will be automatically filled into the according fields. The whole text is added to the field OCR RESULT and the picture is attached to the contact. 

smart_business3.png   smart_business4.png


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