How do I install and activate my Scan2Lead SMART app?

Important: Please be aware, that you have to be connected to the internet when installing and activating the Scan2Lead SMART app!

  • Go to the iOS App Store on your iPhone or iPad or to the Google Play​ store on your Android device and search for 'Scan2Lead'
  • Download and install the free app
  • Start the installed Scan2Lead app on your device
  • when starting the Scan2Lead app for the first time, you have to login by entering your activation user and password once, to activate your device for the show.
  • After the successful activation, the app shows the start screen with the logo of the show. You can start the app without entering any password from now on.


Hint: The activation user and password for the Scan2Lead SMART app is sent to you via email. The e-mail will be sent to the main contact person of your booth. You will find them as well in your Scan2Lead Portal Menu 'Configuration - Activation User & Passwords'.

System requirements Scan2Lead SMART

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