What is Scan2Lead STATION?

Scan2Lead STATION scans the barcode of visitor passes with a handheld barcode scanner connected to a stationary computer. This solution is perfect for your booth-counter where all visitors accessing your stand can be captured. Areas of interest and information about the visitors can easily be added by mouse click.

The Scan2Lead STATION solution includes a license and a rental handheld barcode scanner with USB cable to connect to the computer in use. The Scan2Lead STATION is working on windows and apple computers and laptops. You can also order the Scan2Lead STATION with a rental pre-configured laptop.

The Scan2Lead STATION user interface is accessed through


The scanned data is also accessible using the Scan2Lead PORTAL.

System requirements Scan2Lead STATION

How and where do I pickup / return my Scan2Lead devices?

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