How do I use Scan2Lead COLLECT?

Scan Visitor Data

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  • Point the Scanner towards the barcode on the visitor badge and press and hold the Scan button, make sure that the laser beam covers the whole barcode
  • When the scanner captures the barcode, you hear a beep to indicate that the visitor is successful registered


Visitor Data storage and upload

  • the scanner is an offline device and can store approx. 4.000 scans, the battery is fully loaded when you pick up the scanner
  • for uploading the data bring your scanner to the Scan2Lead Service-Counter the upload takes less than one minute
  • your data is immediately available in your Scan2Lead Portal

Note: In case the memory of the scanner is full, you will see no more scanning light, to continue scanning, you have to bring the scanner to our Scan2Lead Service-Counter.


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