What is a Lead Form?

A Lead Form is the electronic version of a questionnaire that you might have used during the visits of your customers at your booth. Lead forms can be the first step in getting to know your customer better. 

Your paper questionnaires can now be transferred from paper to Scan2Lead. No limitation in number of questions and answers and you can adapt the Lead Form exactly to your need. 

After scanning the visitor badge of your visitor, you have the possibility to make use of the lead form questions and answers that you prepared.

  • When you are capturing visitor data, using Scan2Lead SMART you will be able to do that right away on your screen.

smart_lead2.png   smart_lead.png

  • When you are capturing visitor data, using Scan2Lead COLLECT you will scan barcodes from a printed form, adding the required Lead Form data to the visitor data.


  • Using the Scan2Lead STATION allows you to add the required lead form data to the visitor data directly at the screen.



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