How can I filter visitor data?

Select 'Visitor Data' - 'Visitor Data' to find the filter symbols underneath the menu bar


Using the auto filter, you are able to use five filters:

leadformfilter.PNG Lead Form - display visitors with one or more answers from lead form

rating.PNG Visitor has a rating 

attachement.PNG Visitor has attachments (e.g. scanned business card)

note.PNG notes were added to visitor 

survey.PNG visitor has survey answer - the visitor replied to profile questions during the registration (only if available from the organizer)

When filters are applied, the filter in use will turn yellow 


When a auto filter is selected, the data you want to display is listed, the rest is hidden. If the Export to Excel button is clicked, only displayed data will be exported.

resetfilter.PNG click Reset Filter To get the list of all captured visitor data 

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