What options do I have to capture visitor data at my booth?

Scan2Lead offers 3 different solutions to capture data from visitors at your booth.

1. Scan2Lead SMART

  • With the Scan2Lead SMART app on your smartphone or tablet (Apple and Android), simply hold the camera of your smartphone/tablet up to the barcode on the visitor pass to display all visitor data immediately on your screen.
  • Convenient add additional information like freely definable e.g. areas of interest, meeting notes or business cards. That's why the Scan2Lead SMART app is perfect for almost any scenario when it comes to knowing your customer visiting your booth.
  • Use your own devices or rent some of our tablets. 

2. Scan2Lead COLLECT

  • The Scan2Lead COLLECT solution is suitable if your main need is to collect visitor data. The scanned visitor data from the visitor badges can be enriched by additional information like freely definable e.g. areas of interest from a printed lead form. 
  • Quick and Easy collection of visitor data via offline mini scanners the size of a car key. Its primary advantages are ease of use and high mobility.
  • At the end of the day you will take the scanners to our service desk where the scanned data is synchronized. 

3. Scan2Lead STATION

  • The Scan2Lead STATION solution includes a license and a handheld barcode scanner with USB cable to connect to the computer in use.
  • Scanning of all visitor data with a stationary notebook solution and a handheld barcode scanner. This solution is perfect for your booth-counter where all visitors accessing your stand can be captured. Areas of interest and information about the visitors can easily be added by mouse click.
  • Use your own device or rent some of our rental notebooks.


All solutions for capturing visitor data synchronize the captured data to the central online portal Scan2Lead PORTAL accessible by using any standard browser.


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